May 10, 2019


There is considerable truth in the adage ‘You are what you eat’. The state of your body and how well it works depends to a large extent on how appropriately it is nourished. Malnutrition can be found in contemporary Western society and is not peculiar to developing countries.

Malnutrition occurs when a person’s body is not adequately serviced by its food intake. Each individual’s needs change under different circumstances. Moreover, the foods needed by an athlete, a grandmother, a growing boy, an office worker or a pregnant woman are not the same. Nutritional needs vary even from one office-worker to another, according to genetic make-up, level of activity, general state of health and environment.

Some groups of people who are at risk from nutrient deficiencies can be generally identified. These include those who are socio-economically disadvantaged; women during the reproductive years because of the added nutritional demands of menstruation and of pregnancy; the elderly; those who have a particular health problem, such as diabetes, faulty absorptionFind out more about this term of food or who are on certain medications; those with lifestyle problems such as cigarette Find out more about this term smoking and alcohol abuse.

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