May 19, 2019

Discover how physical activity can improve your child’s physical health, brain function and mood.

Key points

  • Physical activity keeps the body strong and healthy and improves mental health by decreasing depression, anxiety, pain and loneliness.
  • Physical activity also improves focus, school performance, sleep and energy levels.
  • Those who undertake regular physical activity enjoy improved relationships and a more positive body image.

Regular physical activity helps your child develop in ​a range of ways. Not only does it help their physical health, it also helps improve brain function and your child’s emotional wellbeing.

Regular physical activity helps develop your child’s movement skills. It also, of course, helps bones become stronger and builds a healthy heart and stronger muscles. Physical activity also helps your child keep a healthy body weight.

Moderate intensity exercise can even help to relieve some chronic (long-term) pain conditions by maintaining physical function and decreasing fatigue.

Aside from providing general physical benefits, regular activity can also help ease symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in girls. This is because moderate exercise helps the body produce hormones called endorphins. These are natural painkillers that can ease abdominal and back pain as well as improve mood.


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