May 20, 2019

Climate change


Climate change is happening now and it affects our everyday lives.  We are seeing increased frequency and strength of coastal storms. Rainfall events are becoming more severe. Heat waves are affecting human health and our valuable agricultural sector. And, as a coastal state, we must pay attention to changes in sea levels.

Human activity affects climate change.  The decisions we make today about how we manage our natural resources, and how we conduct our modern industrial activities, will affect our lives and the lives of our descendants.

We can plan to reduce the effects of human activity on climate change. We can prepare for the effects of the changes in our climate. And we can take action, both as a society and as individuals, in response to climate change.

The changing climate is affecting how we live our everyday lives. We’re seeing increased frequency and strength in storm events. Heat waves last longer. Coastal flooding and erosion are always an issue for our coastal communities.

The first step in managing climate change is understanding what it is, how and why it occurs, and what we can do to manage and adapt to climate change.  For the global perspective, and more information about climate change science, we depend on NASA’s Global Climate Change site.  At a more local level, the Division of Climate, Coastal & Energy website provides tools for understanding climate change and ideas for adapting to it. The Delaware Climate Change Impact Assessment is a comprehensive report that summarizes the best-available scientific information on the issue and presents guidance for Delaware residents, communities, and business to prepare for, adapt to, and act to reduce the effects of climate change.

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