June 27, 2019

The Silent Massacre Of The Amazon River Dolphin

At the start of the 2000 deep within the Amazon Jungles the massacre began, even the baby dolphins were not spared nor the gestating females that had their young sliced out of womb hung up like a piece of dead flesh in a butchers shop.

Brazil has since laid down a hunting ban however poachers are not stopping and already in Peru, Boto’s are mercifully slaughtered just for bait.

Pink River Dolphins or the Amazon River Dolphin as its commonly known scientifically identified as Inia geoffrensis aren’t hunted to eat, oh no, no.

Like many fisherman in the west catch smaller fish to catch the bigger species River Dolphins are caught simply for this reason of which they are butchered up into slabs of meat then thrown back into crates just to catch smaller species of fish commonly known as the piracatinga that feasts on rotten flesh of dead animals – in this case the Dolphin.

You’ve probably by now become quite used to the all to familiar sites of Japans Dolphin massacres – but what about the killing fields within the Amazon?, Some conservationists seem non-to-bothered to print about this, as these bastards rip the hearts and souls out of aquatic life.

At the start of this year some two thousand Amazon River Dolphins were slaughtered . However European and South and North American Conservation Groups are taking a stand and have since handed in a 50,000 signature petition in.

While it may stop hunting in Brazil will it stop the poaching? Furthermore will the illegal hunting in Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Columbia, Bolivia, Guyana, Surinam and French Guinea stop too.

No one stopped these killings, many people outside off the Amazon are completely oblivious to the fact this horrifying atrocity actually exists. Now you’ll know though, were not going to stick for this anymore. International Animal Rescue Foundation Brazil plus many smaller conservation groups has known of this slaughter for the past several years.

When the Federal government imposed a [temporary ban] five years ago all seemed quiet, unfortunately the hunting ban was lifted with many killed by August, its a wonder if the species will actually recover within this year alone before hunting ends.

Since the start of August though Brazil has imposed a new [complete ban] but this hasn’t as explained stopped poachers and hunters that are now working their way down the rivers of the Amazon.

By the second half of the year [2014] over three and a half thousand River Dolphins were expected to be slaughtered. The number could even be higher as were now in November. what’s angered us even more is this – its completely ILLEGAL!




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