November 24, 2020

Together We Can Stop Animal Abuse

How do you feel when you receive videos relating to animal abuse?

In the beginning, I used to think it’s funny and out of ignorance or trying to please my friends I used ‘lol’ ‘haha’ –but then one time I received this very disturbing video.

I could’nt believe my eye…watching it made my life miserable, I was so sad and mentally disturbed.

I kept asking myself, how can these pyscopath in the name of human beings had the audacity to mistreat that innocent animal and just escape without any justice for that animal?

I thought to myself — I won’t let them get away with it, and how that animal was in need of justice! I was ready to fight for her.

This really bothered me to a point of sleepless nights, sometimes would wake up in the middle of the night from the distress crying of that animal! and thinking how urgently that animal needed help…I was so disturbed period!

Unfortunately, I didn’t know where to start…one moment I recall calling an animal rescue organization but they couldn’t do anything as there was no trace of origin of that video.

This made me so furious, I was breathing fire! coz there was nothing I could do and I knew that innocent creature was in need of help urgently.

Helpess as I was and realising I couldn’t do much, I grew a thick skin and decided to just ignore or block those kind of videos, although in the back of my mind I couldn’t help that animal distress call.

Whenever a friend sent me a video, I  would open abit if it was involving animal abuse, immediately I deleted and just demand them to stop sending this kind of videos.

As time passed by I kept on informing myself on possiblity of tracing the origin of such abusive videos.

I was on a mission to rescue that animal! somehow I knew there as a way but didn’t know how.

Onetime I came accross this headline “charity begins at home” well explained how you can start by helping animals around you, by educating people or just contributing some money to save suffering animals.

I got so inspired by that article, at the end there was a big headline. “contribute to rescue a suffering animal” I remember borrowing my sister some money to contribute towards that project. since I didn’t have a job and she could only afford to give me 1 Euro.

Contributing that one Euro felt like it was going straight to rescue that suffering animal I saw in that video…I don’t know how, but I just had this crazy idea! Afterward was waiting eagerly to receive a rescue video of “my innocent friend.”

One thing I also learnt is burying your head in the sand and pretend like nothing is happening won’t change the fact that it’s really happening in reality!

We need to rise up to the occasion and do something to save “our friends” and this a path I am willing to take.

Recognising this was also very important step for me to help in reducing the uncourth death, suffering and pain of innocent animals caused by human beings!

These helpless animals need people like you and me to save them!

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