December 01, 2020

Stop whining about the “Lockdown” let it be a lesson for the year

I hope by now human race have learnt from the best, ‘lockdowns’ experience.

This could be seen as one of the toughest times in history as far as human being is concerned! to some their situation is close to hell on earth!

Describe it the way you like but try to imagine on how you have been down mentally and socially. This is exactly the same way animal feels when you put them in cages!

Apparently, human race is one the most selfish beings ever! They only support anything that favours them! and tend to see nothing else beyond their nose.

They take animals for objects of which have no feelings just because they express it differently and can’t talk. for that they exploit them for their own benefits. Sad but true.

My prayer is that I hope human have learnt from their past mistakes, that it is cruel and abusive to keep animals in captivity!

Release all animals, give them freedom — because it is not only bad for them physically, but it also affects their social behaviours.

Oftenly, animals kept in cages suffer from terrible side effects socially. They find it difficult to cope with other animals because of the suffering they had to go through.

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