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January 20, 2021

Don’t keep Quiet! End Animal Abuse

“Unity is strength” it doesn’t matter who you are, wherever you are, if we all unite we can end this menance of animal abuse.

Incase you find someone abusing animals, take action don’t just keep quiet try to address the issue in a calm manner.

First observe the situation from far then decide how to face the abuser although my advice to you is your safety comes first.

After weighing the scenerial  you can decide to go straight ahead try to talk him out of that behaviour although most will overreact some will listen.

Incase the abuser is overreacting it’s advisable to walk away and seek help from the relevant authorities before something bad happens to you.

Don’t be ignorant too. Animals feels pain just like human! let’s unite in stopping cruelty against animals.

By not keeping quiet, it’s worth the trial some people are just ignorant, you can save one animal which is a great step toward ending animal cruelty!

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