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February 14, 2021

We Can End This Horror Of Animal Abuse Together

Like most people growing up I simply didn’t have any knowledge on how terrible animal suffer in the hands of human being.

But as an adult, through thick and thin, I managed to learn alot about how people torture innocent animals

I was so touched to know what animals goes through, and since then it has never been business as usual.

I swore to do anything to help the animals, through loving them unconditionally or rather to prevent this kind of brutality.

The little help I offer through educating people, giving homeless animals, and being the voice of the voiceless indeed makes me happy.

Although, it’s unfortunately hard to stop animal cruelty at once because of different aspects e.g culture, elevated cases of mental health e.t.c

I know if we all did collectively work toward ending animal abuse we could be a mile further from where we are.

Infact it’s not about how you view the animals, it’s about being humane enough.

Know that animal feel pain, threatened and emotional disturbed just like we human do.

…just that they can talk!

Join me as a good ambassador for animal rights – let us be the voice for the voiceless!


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