Young male chicks

March 05, 2021

You don’t have to be an animal activist to fight for animals rights

Ever curious what happens behind the scenes on egg farm factory?

Okey, let me take you through the process, of the misery a baby chick goes through immediately after his first breath on this earth.

Forget the fact they are hatched from the incubator thus they have no idea of the motherly love! Nature is ruined.

These ‘devils’ separate the males from females immediately after hatching, since the male don’t lay eggs, thus render them ‘useless.’

The concern of these ‘devils’ is just to make high profits as possible regardless of what helpless baby chicks have to go through!

The vulnerable chicks are then thrown in a shredder and grind the alive! Gosh! It’s really horrible to be a victim.

I’m even out of words to describe the miserable cry for help of those innocent young creatures. It’s so horrible and unbelievable!!!

The female chicks suffers in their small cages where they can’t even turn to scratch their back! Freedom-less Only to be killed later.

For heaven sake! Let us be human and try to go vegan for the sake of saving “our friends”, animals from all this misery and suffering.

Let’s all arise in one unison and say ‘enough is enough’ inorder to save our friends…say a Big No to Animal Abuse! together we can.


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