March 18, 2021

Animal Lives Matter!!!

No one refutes the fact that we are in charge of other animals, though this neither justify violence against animals nor support the fact that human beings lives is more precious.

Just because our power of our power of thinking, which other species are deprieved doesn’t make our lives more precious as most people think.

Picture this, animals are deprived brain -wise but they seem more clever than most human, infact other species are in rhythmically report with nature.

Unlike human being who have destroyed their natural cocoons to make their lives easy same time the same brain that makes destroys them.

Animals can’t talk but atleast they have less stress and problems than most human do. Things go bad only whenever humans are in control.

Infact if human race was to be eliminate in the equation this universe would be peaceful and natural according to how the creator wanted it to be.

Stop Animal Abuse, Animal lives matter!!!

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