July 05, 2021

What do you think of people who beats animals?

I think it’s absurd and evil!

I have witnessed this kind of scenarios not once but when you live in the country side animal abuse is the order of the day!

I recently witnessed two donkeys one seemed to be the mama and it’s kid were tied together in a cart fully loaded, they were sweating and panting in agony!

It’s like they had enough of this kind of life…prior to that, the old man on the cart kept beating them without a reason!

Canning should at no way be acceptable as a way of discipline! its passed by time and should be rendered a criminal offence!!!

We need to realize that physical harm is not going to help the animals understand, infact in this era animals slavery need to be banned!!!

For the case of pets there are alot way more better and easy way to learn the animal without a cane!for example use of treats.


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