July 17, 2021

What goes through your mind when you hear or read about people abusing animals?

This question is really out of context for me…it’s really emotional when I see an animal killed for malicious or even for human gain…i know! I know! I know!…yeah it’s same I would feel for my family member or my friend or any living-being….no lives need to be lost whatsoever! …but, the thing that angers me most is those type human seem to think animals don’t feel pain, they have Just torture or kill merciless…

I was in the market the other day and what I saw is out of this world… there was an innocent ant just walking on my neck it was bothering me in a way…so when I Shook and he was on the ground…and an idiot who owned that grocery, step on the ant several times till it was dead,you could see the anger in him I jumped on him “no please don’t kill him!” He looked back at me and said I don’t like when my clients are bothered…I was shocked to hear this so told him that little thing didn’t disturb me and it didn’t deserve to die…so I emotionally explained to him to an extent I saw his eyes wet, so I think I drove the point home…he apologised and promise never do that again, also to not keep quiet infact he called his kids to warn them..

People of good will please don’t keep silence, doesn’t matter what it is, you might think it’s a little but always remember even; a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. We need to just speak! Loud your voices but always be cautious and do it in a friendly way! We need to stop this, animal abuse is not funny at all!! i believe if we pationately begin somewhere those ignorant and pysocopath will have no room to hide…and in return we will have a better and harmonious place to live in.

Animal lives matters!!!


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