April 19, 2022

Whatever you ask the universe you will get…these are not my words but its according to the laws of nature…but you might wonder why so many people unable to get what they want? or even ask what they want but they never receive it.

…so many times we pray hard but seems like nothing is happening, then we loose hope and there it all goes wrong! your prayers can never be answered if you don’t have faith and trust guys!

Another reason as to why your prayer goes unanswered is that you have been praying wrong… guys the more you scream or shout while praying doesn’t mean that ‘God’ or the Universe will hear you well and clear, how you feel is what matters guy! It’s as simple as that…


  1. andi
    27 April, 2022

    you are very right. what you feel matters!

    • Mary Ndirangu
      2 July, 2022

      Thanks for your comment…

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