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April 21, 2022

Time Is An Illusion

Guys you can disagree or agree on this but the fact still remains that “Time” is an illusion, it’s made up just to make sense of our lives and just like anything or as a measuring guide.

When you think about it, then it means that time should not influence your life, because what you want is here now waiting for you to connect with it…infact this is so profound!

According to research in quantum physics the only real time is NOW! ….not past not present. So this means that when you want to start manifesting you need to be in the present ‘now’.

Think of it like this – if you are unconscious now what makes you think tomorrow you will be conscious?Don’t you think all opportunities in life will pass you?

Anyway the key is to start living your life in the present and be happy now! As there’s no tomorrow… TIME IS NOW GUYS ALRIGHT?

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