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May 01, 2022

Be The Captain Of Your Life!

Stop being a captive in your own body, alot of people are entangled in the matrix and don’t see things as they are supposed to be, for example if you are relying on your senses and your ego as your guide you are lost!

But don’t worry here’s the good news, you can reverse all this and be what you want to be.

At this point you should know that the subconscious mind makes you who you are because we don’t manifest or attract what we WANT rather we attract what we are then it’s significant to change our subconscious mind!

Imagine your subconscious mind sees no logic in anything fed in it by the conscious mind it voluntarily accepts, this means it can’t differentiate the good or the bad.

This means that if you become aware of your thoughts and change your beliefs …you are on your journey to Awakening because these are the language of upgrading your subconscious mind!

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