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After education in technical and commercial business administration,

I decided at the age of 27 years to fund my own business.

Independent Real Estate Manager
Management and Investments

Project Manager, Survival Coach and Outdoor Training
In Morocco, Algeria, Western Sahara and Zaire (DRC)

Practitioner of Alternative Psychotherapy
Healing permit from the health department of  Freiburg

Mentor for Mental Training and Trauma Therapy
For personal- and team-development

Holistic-Life- and Health-Coach
Seminars, coaching and therapy




Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Hypnovita Academy of Clinical Hypnosis

Education in Alternative-Psychotherapy
Dr. G. Mathias, Dorothy Gerhard

Evolutionary Psychology
Terrence Watts

Trauma-Therapy / EMDR
– Francis Shapiro

– Carl Rogers

Terrence Watts, Essex Institute O.C.H.

Therapy for Alcohol and Drug-Addiction
Wendy Friesen

Motions- and Sports-Therapy
LNB Motion, Liebscher & Bracht