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Felix Ivayo
Am a social networking agent who has the role of building and sustaining networks through maintaining a correspondence with clients through communication channels e.g. facebook, twitter, linkedin and WhatsApp amongst others.
I’m  an industrious and ambitious person with a great passion towards my work, skills that have helped fund for my university education.
My passion for environment and love for animals has steered me to volunteer in various organisation such as, Colubus conservation centre, where i took the role of being an eco-tour guide and took care of the captive monkeys.
I’m currently undertaking Bachelor of Science in tourism management, in Technical University of Mombasa  which grants me the ability to be more productive and competent in the tourism sector.  Some of my key  competencies are based on advertisement, campaigns and strategic planning.
Apart from being a good ambassador of environment and animal care, i have been able to balance both my career and student life with the zeal to perform excellently in both sectors.
Through the utilization of my academic  knowledge i have been working towards mobilising people, teaching and providing them with:
environment knowledge for those involved in developing, adopting, implementing and evaluating personal, liberation, love and understanding.
I work towards bringing inspiration and trying to liberate people into thinking about how Mother Nature will affect our future if we don’t nature her now.
 Let us all unite for a better tomorrow!