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Andreas Denz – Coaching


Fundamental changes often require longer periods of support by a coach.

During this time we will accompany you in a solution and target-oriented way, enabling you to solve your problems and to turn your wishes and aims into reality.

In coaching, we are going to explore what unconscious strategies or mechanisms kept you away from realising your goals so far. We will replace them with appropriate strategies to find your personal solutions by taking your own resources into account. Boosting yourself-reflection, improving your perception, experience and attitude will help you to unfold your potential. You will be able to spot your innermost motivation and you will learn to use it to move towards your aims and your success!

When counselling requires more time and depending on the subject it is wise to divide the therapy sessions and spread them over a longer period of time. Most important during this period of time is that the coach is within reach whenever it comes to a personal crisis to counsel without hindering the process of self-development.

My work in coaching focuses on the following special

* Therapeutical Guidance by Depression and Burnout-syndrome

* Life crisis / life turning point management
* Mental Growth and Spiritual Development