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Animal Care

Imagine you were disconnected right after you were born from your mother and your brothers were tortured and murdered.

After the torturers have mutilated you with unspeakable pain, you are now locked in a very tight and dirty jail cell, where you have to fight for your life against the other prisoners.

In a very confined space you are fattened with disgusting food and tons of drugs and antibiotics, so you can be fat and eligible to be murdered as quickly as possible.


Of course, that sounds like a story from a horror movie, but according to organizations of animal welfare, 99%  of animals are raised in mass animal husbandry under terrible and unworthy conditions for human consumption.

Meat, milk, and eggs are produced industrially, and the animals are carelessly and irreverently demoted to a product.

We people naturally assume that we are the Crown of creation and as you read this, every second thousand of animals are maltreated, slaughtered and imprisoned for human nutrition, medical research, and entertainment for humans.


At this point, it would go beyond the scope of showing all the abominations of animals.

We, therefore, refer you to well-founded research and reports by people and organizations that are primarily committed to rescue and protection of animals.


We want to draw your attention to this abusive crime, in order to decide for yourself, whether you too, at least in small Stepps, want to change that.