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Environmental protection

Our survival depends on nature.

The time of action is now or never. We must step up our efforts to save our survival. Everyone should make a small step to save our earth and preserve diversity.

More than 7 billion people are currently living on our planet
The rapidly rising world population in connection with the resource-intensive life change poses enormous challenges to our planet.

With growing populations and ever-increasing needs, global consumption is also increasing.
The demand for food, clothing, housing, mobile phones, computers, cars, luxury goods…… is skyrocketing and the production of all these things is at the expense of our environment.

The production of all these goods consumes enormous amounts of energy,
Which is mostly produced by burning fossil fuels.
This, in turn, leads to the rise of huge amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere with devastating consequences for our environment.
By cutting down the rainforests, this process is accelerated as the trees neutralize CO2 and produce the oxygen for our lives.

Nutrition with animal products has become normal. Animal husbandry with cruel conditions for animals has become just as normal.
The seas are fished empty and polluted, with incredible consequences for our civilization.
Approximately 50,000 animal species are eradicated annually.

Shall we go on like this?

Our goal is to provide our reader with the source of knowledge that can be used in day to day life to make. A world a better place to live in.