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Online Coaching

with Andreas Denz

More and more people are experiencing the advantages to online coaching and recognizing the added benefits as opposed to the traditional “in office" model.
Let's take a look to advantages to online coaching:
  • No long waiting times
  • Location-independent. Good for people who live   far away from a city or clinic.
  • Scientifically proven treatment concept
  • No travel time, coaching is always from your home so no valuable time loss.
  • Flexibility of scheduling a session by phone, Skype or Whats app.
The online coaching starts in a classic way with a personal phone call meeting and/or personal get-to-know meeting. That is because online coaching is not necessarily suitable to everyone. Just as there are clear guidelines for visiting an outpatient therapist or going to an inpatient clinic, there are criteria for online coaching that we need to review together. 
All of this to make you benefit the best in the long term participation in the online coaching program. As already said we will do this by phone or during a first personal meeting in your area.

During this initial interview, we will review together and further deepen the results of a self-test. The aim is, based on medical criteria and your personal situation, to determine whether our online coaching program is the right treatment for you.
Online coaching does not require personal contact, unless there is a medical indication.
In a cost-free initial telephone conversation, we clarify whether my offer is suitable for the goals.
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