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Spirituality manifests itself in living everyday life, in the way we deal with creation: The Earth, the water, the air, the animals, plants, fellow human beings, and the material things. So with everything that surrounds us.

Surely you have noticed in your life that certain events are repeating themselves again and again, that situations do not change, and you ask yourself,  Why does all this happen? Where do these feelings, thoughts, and events come from in my life?

What is the point and why am I even here? Where will my life lead me? Is there a plan and how can I see the way?

The Plan of your soul.

Before our soul enters this world when we are born, it lays down a plan that it wants to learn and experience everything on this earth of three-dimensionality.

If we are happy and satisfied, i.e. if we are in flow with life, we can assume that this corresponds to our life plan. As long as we follow our heart, the inner voice, the voice of the soul, our lives will be full of joy, harmony, and love. As soon as we only follow our head and disregard our inner voice, we will experience that can be very uncomfortable.

These are the lessons we need to learn and grow in order to return to our plan. Many people are satisfied without having to deal with questions about where am coming from, where I’ll go and why.

For them, the question of the life plan does not even arise. Others are almost constantly engaged in finding without satisfactory, sense, happiness and fulfillment.

Whether a person finds what he feels deeply in himself does not decide his mind, but the yearning of his soul. Your inner freedom begins at the moment you have understood this fundamentally.

Only then are you really free? The rest goes by itself.

We will accompany you on your way to freedom to find self-confidence, fulfillment and love.