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Walk and Talk

Walk & Talk and the healing power of nature. Walk & Talk is a holistic way of therapy!

In connection with nature, exercise and therapeutic conversation, some clients are more relaxed than with other methodologies.

The sessions become much more efficient this way.

For many people, it is easier to open up themselves while they are walking and look forward, and not sitting face to face with a therapist.

During W & T, a client is more focused on himself and this provides him/her with a more secure feeling in moments that are emotionally difficult to deal with.

Especially for men, it is often difficult to talk about private issues or emotionally charged experiences while sitting eye-to-eye with a therapist in a classical therapeutic setting.

While hiking, men are much more relaxed and they are also more trusting. They feel more comfortable to focus on their topic, to listen inside themselves and are more open to new thoughts and solutions.

The combination of therapy and nature along with activity is well known.

Sigmund Freud, the originator of analytical psychotherapy, often threatened his patients while they were walking.

For these topics W & T has already been proven to have a positive effect:

* Men’s-Health

* Work-Life-Balance

* Revitalising

* Burn-Out-Symptoms

* Depression

* Turn points in life

* Relaxation

* Gain new motivation

…and more.

This service is offered on any route you are in favor of.

In a personal pre-talk, we will figure out whether W & T is suitable for your topic.

W & T can be booked on an hourly base or as a coaching-package (arrangement).